Top 5 Comics: October 7th 2015

Published on October 14th, 2015

SUP NET and holy crap we got blindsided by the mother load this week! An insane amount of new #1’s from Marvel came out this week as they rolled out their big hitters not to mention multiple Star Wars titles were released.

DC dropped their newest weekly Batman series despite the fact that Bruce Wayne isn’t running around in the bat-suit these days and we also got a group of indie releases by some of my favorite writers including Jeff Lemire, Brian K Vaughn, and Jason Aaron.It’s the Top 5 only the best of the best make it. Press play to find out who did! LIKE. SHARE. SUBSCRIBE.

Comment down below on what titles you read that you think should have made the list this week or even that you think were notable that needed mentioning. As always you can find me on Twitter: @KirkLikesStuff