Top 5 Comics: September 2nd 2015

Published on September 9th, 2015

SUP NET! welcome back to another Top 5. my top 5 picks of the week’s newest releases. i make it through the worst of it so you don’t have to. it’s scary. you don’t even know. this week BKV slaped me in the face with another single issue that i swing back and forth between loving and being repulsed by. Jeff Lemire is also proving to be one of the best writers you’re not reading. but we’ll fix that. as the Secret Wars tie-ins start to wind down, find out which ones are wrapping up strong going into Marvel’s next phase. and the disappointment of the week hit a little too close to home with me as the character is one of my favorites. oh yeah. i rant. you know it. as always… LIKE! SUBSCRIBE! SHARE! AND BY THE TIME YOU ARE WATCHING THIS, WE’LL BE LESS THAN 100 DAYS AWAY FROM STAR WARS EPISODE VII! YES THIS DESERVES ALL CAPS. Twitter: @KirkLikesStuff

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