Top 5 Comics: August 26th, 2015

Published on September 1st, 2015

Sup’ Net and Fellow impactors! pretty special week where the Top 5 has some titles playing spoiler and me eating my own words. apologies are made. i can admit when I’m wrong when the other guy finally gets it right. i know. I’m a jerk. it’s the status quo as far as superior story telling goes for a Star Wars title. Marvel uses Secret Wars to tell a great story about one of their most popular characters that i never saw coming and neither will you. Superman flys high in one title and crashes hard in another. and minor spoiler… the #1 pick comes from one of my favorite new publishers for the second week in a row. i want you to learn all about Blackmask! but which of their titles made the top of the list? press play to find out. LIKE! SUBSCRIBE! SHARE! COMMENT! TRADE HI-FIVES FOR HUGS TODAY. and you can find me over on Twitter: @KirkLikesStuff ps. you rule.

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