Top 5 Comics: July 29th 2015

Published on August 5th, 2015

sup ‘net. how was your week? probably not as good as Jason Aaron’s. because he pretty much owned it! 3 of the Top 5 are his. and they also went up against my beloved Sex Criminals (which had been horribly delayed! press play to find out if it was worth it.) want to know if Star Wars is just a fluke or that it is the real deal after seven issues and it’s first arc? i can answer these important questions. the only one i can’t answer is how the hell did Deadpool make the list this week. i know. i’m just as baffled by it as you. and the Disapointment of the week may surprise you! (listen. it’s Superman. I’m not going to bait you like that. i’m angry about it. like, really angry. but i do want you to find out *why* I’m angry so we can talk about it) it’s only the best of the best from last week. press play!

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