Top 5 Comics: August 5th 2015

Published on August 10th, 2015

Sup Impactors! the newest batch of honest reviews is up and out and ready to put on only the best of new comic releases on your radar that you should be reading. press play to find out what Thanos’ newest nefarious plan to acquire all the Infinity gems is all about (again). the Carol Corps gets a spotlight, but not in her own title. a new noir flavor is introduced by Image Comics. and you know what? screw it. we watch all the other Image Comics duke it out for top ranking supremacy. BUT, one of them is a title that has fallen from my graces and winds up as the big ol’ disappointment of the week. it couldn’t Bryan K Vaughn? Millar? or my current favorite creative Wicked + Divine team? press play to find out.

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