Top 5 Comics: August 19th, 2015

Published on August 25th, 2015

SUP NET! and welcome to a colorful week where the colorist won all the awards in art duties with the new releases i have picked out just for you. I’m also really excited to let you guys know that the variety of comic publishers featured this week with such surprisingly superior work is awesome! BOOM! Studios, Image, Archie studios (i know, i know. bear with me) and BlackMask genuinely showed up my usual staple pics! coming of age stories packing assassin like skills with Scott Pilgrim creativity, ancient monsters roaming the streets of LA, terrorist not old enough to drink wanting to re-shape corporate america by any means necessary, and don’t worry, out favorite web-head isn’t any less cool now that he’s a father. press play for the only reviews that matter in weekly comic releases. comments down below if you’re awesome and big wet floppy kisses all around. LIKE! SUBSCRIBE! SHARE! TELL ME WHY THEY WONT MAKE ANOTHER TRON MOVIE on Twitter: @KirkLikesStuff

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