Top 5 Comics: August 12th 2015

Published on August 18th, 2015

SUP NET. and hello fellow impacters… newest releases for the week of August 12th and we had some fantastic surprises in both art, solid writing, and amazing new concepts in comic ideas! the sassiest comic ever in history is back on the shelves from my favorite Wicked + Divine team. but it’s not WicDiv (WHAT?) I’m high on all the great Star Wars news that came out and it makes it even better that i get to talk about a part of it’s special corner of it’s universe. i miss the Avengers, and that’s why Willow Wilson has you covered with her Secret Wars all fem ass kicking team. DC’s biggest 2 heroes make it and also break it in their new releases. and my #1 title is one i’ve been dying to tell you about for weeks but couldn’t! until now! or i was going to explode! as always, comments down below. like! subscribe! share! wash behind your ears, already! you can also find me on Twitter: @KirkLikeStuff see you in dreams, kids.

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