Pick Of The Week: July 22nd 2015 – Wolf #1

Published on August 4th, 2015

oh what’s up my sweet, sweet ‘net? KirkFM with you’re weekly weirdness of comic podcast pandemonium. and things do get weird. we lost Simon to an ear infection. Sheldon lived through his operation in order to be high as a kite for the episode.

I was drunk on pizza and Belgium white beers. and Darren… poor, poor Darren was the only one who actually knew to duck and cover. we’re all over the place this week with some Mike Mignola Frankenstien goodness that connects to the rest of the Hellboy universe. a deep discussion on the pros and cons of how Ales Kot’s Wolf #1 is presented in a creator owned format. a little Spider-Woman. some bad touching by the Punisher. and a little shit-talking on Bendis’ X-Men. by the way, i literally can’t remember who or what had the Pick of the Week. PRESS PLAY, WEIRDOS.

Kirk FM

Running Time:01:02:31
Music: I Wanna Be Sedated – The Ramones



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