Top 5 Comics: July 8th 2015/ Comic Con 2015 HIGHLIGHTS

Published on July 15th, 2015

Oh hey, Net! We’re back from the San Diego Comic Con!! It was epic. Like, still hungover, type of epic. But you didn’t miss out on a single thing. It’s why we’re here at Comic Impact. I’ll let you know if Spider-man is actually a good husband. Tell you why Image Comics is still the place to look for in the best in Sci-fi story telling. You’ll question if I’m actually a stalker with my newest Brian K Vaughn review. I rant at DC still fucking up. And you will quiver with antici… pation at what two titles that fought for my number 1 slot. Hint: it’s a straight up Star Wars vs. Archie Armageddon!!! For realz. As well as fantastic moments I had that I want to share with you from this week at #sdcc. It gets fucking hot. Put on the sexy underwear before you press play on this video. Xoxoxo- KirkFM

And remember, no one is allowed to touch you in your bathing suit area without your permission

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