Top 5 Comics: July 22nd 2015

Published on July 28th, 2015

‘sup net! ahhh…. that’s more like it. this week’s releases have settled back into the groove that we’re more used to. plenty of choices, different flavors depending on your taste. and always there’s that one that will keep you on the toilet all night. this week we’ve got some pretty awesome horror by way of Steve Niles and his upstart publication, BlackMask. Old Man Logan continues to prove that his series, like him, refuses to die and i’ll tell you if that’s a good thing or not. DC shows up again on the list this week with a new title in Cyborg that turns out to surprise his readers as well as himself. a previous #1 Pick of the Week lands (really) low on the list this week and not even Ian Ziering product placement can save it. and finally, #1 spot is occupied by a madman in a straightjacket engulfed in flames that shares a lot of characteristics with a mister John Constantine. press play to find out! as always, thanks for watching! LIKE! SUBSCRIBE! SHARE IF YOU CARE! find me on twitter at @KirkLikesStuff. always comment so i don’t feel lonely. heck, comment if you’re feeling lonely. it’s the internet. it’s what it’s for and we’re here for you.

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