Top 5 Comics: June 17th 2015

Published on June 22nd, 2015

‘sup ‘net. KirkFM here and I’m happy to announce my new segment at my new home here at Comic Impact that we’re very creatively calling Top 5! (cheers and applause) every week i’ll bring you my top 5 picks from the stack of new releases in comics. -curious about Charlize Theron’s character’s back story from the Mad Max movie? we’ve got that roundup of Mad Max: Furiosa -Does Robin (and his new writer and creative team) have what it takes to carry a series by himself? -is Old Man Logan a series that’s just a cash grab, or is it actually really important to you Secret Wars reading experience? -how can an entire series called Thors work so well when it’s essentially filled with a dozen versions of the same character? don’t worry, i’ll tell you how! and not everything can be great. we’ll talk about my disappointment of the week before dropping on you the A-Bomb of comic book story telling that’s found in Southern Bastards. Press Play! LIKE! SUBSCRIBE! SHARE! PUNCH THE AIR!

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