Artist Spotlight: Nathanial Hamel

Published on March 16th, 2015

One of the things we like to do here at Comic Impact is feature various comic book artists each month. Some you may know and some that are new to you. The idea is to make people aware of the amazing talent that’s out there and hopefully to get you interested in reading new books! This month we’re taking a look into the mind of…

1-Who are you and what are you known for?
Nathanial Hamel. I’m known for my pinups, like Luther Strode, Chew, Think Tank, Shutter, etc, etc, etc. i have spent a lot of time drawing pages yet I don’t have a lot of books published. I am the go to kind of guy, the kind of illustrator that is willing to work many different styles to meet the needs of everyone.


2-Who do you currently represent and what are you working on?
I do not currently work for any one person, and I’m doing good giving my hand full of fans all my love. I do a lot of commission work, and my go to style, the style I like to draw in does well for freelance. I like the idea of on going pages. A more secure means of making a living, a story I can get into and make my own.

3-How did you get into the world of comic art?
So I got my first start into comics while walking through a best buy, I got a phone call and my buddy told me that this guy was looking for local talent. I had very little experience working storytelling. So I went to a local comic store in Denver, known as “I want more comics” I picked up a crap load of Robert Kirkman books and just started reading. I realized that was not enough, and a good friend of mine took me to a local small comic con (comicfest) and I just started asking questions. I talked with Armando durruthy , Jason Martin, and Zach Howard. My mind was blown by the talent sitting in front of me, and how everyone was so nice. A few of them took me under there wing and taught me storytelling. I’m still learning, and I’m still loving every minute of it. I started making a name for myself for taking whatever came my way, and I mean whatever! So much so that I did not sleep for years, 2-3 hours a night for 5 years. So networking got my foot in the door, and now I spend most of my time drawing anthologies working next to some of my heroes. Name drop, name drop!!!

4-Did you ever think as a kid that you would be working in the comics industry?
As a kid all I wanted to do was draw, and I found that was all I was really good at. I noticed it was a way for me to relax, and a way to get people to notice me. I grew up, and currently live back in Nebraska. So you could say there was not a whole lot of information on drawing comics. You had to buy a comic to learn how to draw a comic. Thank you Bart Sears for having a style I could understand. I always wanted to draw comics and had no idea how to get a job. Now thanks to small independent companies, and kickstarter so many people can tell there stories.

5-Do you read comics and if so, what are your favorite titles?
I started by reading the Brit, and everything Kirkman. So invisible, Brit, and books like saber tooth swordsman, barbarian lord, conan, rat queens, the maxx, battle pug, Rust, think tank, Luther Strode, Chew, etc, etc, etc!!!!!!!!


6-Who is your favorite comic book character?
I would have to say my fave character is the Brit, an old man that can’t be hurt, he can’t fly, he can’t lift heavy things, and he can’t run fast, he just can not be hurt. It’s like taking Rockys trainer and given him the body of Rambo, with the inability to be hurt. If we are going off who I think looks cool and is tough as nails, conan. Hands down!

NathanialHamel47-What artists or writers are your biggest influences?
Wow this is a hard one, I would have to say that I have so many that I will just make a list,
Bart Sears
Jim lee
herb trempe
Armando durruthy
Zach Howard
Sean g Murphy
Cary nord
Bob hall
tony Moore
Jason Howard
Leila del duca
Langdon foss
Kevin gentalcore
Joe Oliver
nick runge
Aaron m Conley
Matt smith
talent Caldwell
Patrick Hoover
Kevin Eastman
kit season
Joe wheaterly
NathanialHamel5David Peterson
ryan ottley
tradd moore
frank frazetta
Terryl whitlatch
mark Nelson
Stephen player, and the list goes on…….!
Writer, Brian wood, Robert Kirkman, Joe hill, Mia hamel, Michael baron.

I even have a fave letter, Russ Wooton! Love that guy!

8-Who is the one character that you’ve always wished you could put your artistic touch
I would love to draw conan, nuff said, CONAN!!!

9-How long does it take for you to complete a project, issue, or cover?
So because I have so many different styles, it is never the same. It could take a night to draw a cover, or it could take an hour to draw a page. I always give myself 8-12 hours per page. If I’m working in traditional colors I work a lot faster. Being color blind and in the 10% of it, I work so much faster in color than anything else. I don’t think about the color I just color things like people do math problems. I figured out an equation and I use just that.

10-What is your basic creative process for each project?
My creative process is no sleep, 30 mins of gesture drawing, a very clean house, and tons of distractions. I love to draw with people hovering, and asking questions. Cons are my element! Laugh out loud!

11-Do you do most of your work traditionally, digitally, or a combination?
I’m all over the map when it come to tools, I have the best of it all. So I use everything!

12-Have you ever met anyone you were star struck over?
I’m star struck every time. I asked Bruce timm if he knew who he was. Yeah I’m that guy.

13-What does your workspace look like?
My work place is very organized and clean. I need to not have my mind wonder about, and worry about not being able to clean. I’m a single father of two epic little girls, Mia , and Aria. These to are the driving force for me. So I keep my space clean so that they don’t get into things + tons of pages from friends on the walls, and action figures everywhere.

14-What is the strangest thing that someone has asked you to draw?
I can’t think of the strangest thing, but an odd one comes to mind. Invader zim riding a Utah raptor, while shooting at something. I can’t remember it all.

15-Do you have any upcoming projects or plans you can share with us?
Yes, and NO! Just you wait! It’s going to be crazy…….!

16-Where can people find you and interact with you?
It’s easy to find me, just look into a group RED TEAM GO, any toy store, and my living room where the magic happens. I spend a lot of time on Facebook, and my website


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