Pick of the Week: February 11th 2015- Amazing Spider-Man #14

Published on February 18th, 2015

Welcome to another Comic Impact Pick of the Week Podcast for the comics released on February 11th. Join Simon and Sebastian as they talk about this week’s pick Amazing Spider-Man #14 and the web-head’s fight for survival across the multiverse. Simon sympathies with the dark side of the force with Darth Vader #1 where we get a glimpse behind the mask of the sith lord where a sad, sand-hating little boy resides. Sebastian straps on his cosmonaut helmet and launches in the to mysteries of deep space with Divinity #1. Simon plunges into the world of the walkers where things take a turn for the sensual in The Walking Dead #137. They also chat about the Back To the Futures #BTTF2015 mystery campaign and the future of Philip K. Dick at Amazon.

Sebastian Gordils

Running Time:00:47:11
Music: March A Long With Marvel



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