The Impact: January 30th 2015

Published on January 30th, 2015

It’s Friday, Simon & Sebastian are MIA, It’s up to Darren & Travers to save the day! The Impact is back to highlight this week’s news from around the comics industry. And what would a week of comic news be without plentiful film and television announcements?

More casting news from Hollywoodland has revealed David Tennant will be playing Zebediah Killgrave the Purple Man in AKA Jessica Jones. Meanwhile, the first trailer for Fantastic Four has hit the interwebs. Not to be forgotten, Marvel quickly countered with the third teaser for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Still not enough Avengers for you? Good! LEGO has announced their very own 3,000 piece SHIELD Helicarrier monstrosity. But at what cost?

Travers Capps

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