Unboxing: Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method

Published on November 19th, 2014

Frank Cho of Marvel  and Liberty Meadows fame has finally with the help of Kickstarter and Flesk Publications put out a How To book. This gorgeous set of books was available at the kick starter their of $185 which included a set of 4 art prints, a pdf digital copy of the book, a how to video and the publishers edition and studio edition hard covers. These two editions include 16 extra pages and the studio edition is an oversized 12×17 inches. The standard release editions of the book come in both hard and soft cover and are available on Amazon and all editions of the book which includes the studio and publishers editions are available through Flesk Publications directly.

Books as seen in video are priced at 34.95 and 150.00 each.

Sebastian Gordils