Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2014 Highlights

Published on November 10th, 2014

Ah Comikaze, what was once a small con in the bottom floor of the massive Los Angeles Convention center with a rocky start is now top floor entertainment laser focused on growth under the guidance of Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment.

Unlike the standard con going experience Comikaze forgoes panel rooms for a massive center stage in which to hold everything from panels and video previews to costume contests. It also featured a larger vendor and exhibitor presence than in years past and as always am delivered unto temptations past walking by many a toy I coveted as a child.

The expo takes pride on its new found focus on pop culture and this year delivered in style. This saw the return of the Stan Lee museum housing a kings ransom in statues from Bowen Designs and Sideshow Collectibles and a massive collection of original art by a cavalcade of artists. A plethora of appearances of fan favorite actors and actresses. It also featured presentations from the upcoming Hollywood SciFi Musuem who brought along vehicles as famous as their flesh and blood co-stars and the Video Game history museum which carted in a collection of nostalgia inducing arcade cabins freed from the curse of quarter consumption.

Comikaze2014P1 Comikaze2014P2 Comikaze2014P3 Comikaze2014P4

Below are select photos from the expo taken by myself and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.




Comikaze2014P9 Comikaze2014P10 Comikaze2014P11 Comikaze2014P12


Comikaze2014P15 Comikaze2014P16 Comikaze2014P17 Comikaze2014P18 Comikaze2014P19 Comikaze2014P20

-Sebastian Gordils