POW: September 3rd 2014 – Original Sin #8

Published on September 10th, 2014

Welcome one welcome all to Pick of the week for September 3rd 2014! This week Sheldon and Sebastian traverse the comic book landscape and talk about a few books you may or may not have read it doesn’t matter because we talk about them all any way! What books you may ask well  Death of Wolverine, Justice League, She-Hulk,Captain America, Uncanny X-Men and Original Sin.

We will be down a man for a few weeks as Simon has been called back to the Mother land (France) but fear not as Sheldon and Sebastian will continue to keep the home fires burin gin in his absence.

Sheldon had the pick this week and he went with the final issue of Original Sin from Marvel Comics and Jason Aaron and  Mike Deodato! Who does it end?! Stick around as we reveal all!

Running Time:01:07:21
Music: Manic Street Preachers – The Last Time I Saw Paris

Sheldon Lee




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