ComicImpact is BACK!!!

Published on April 7th, 2014

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering where all your amazing Comic Impact content has been for the past week and a half. Well, sadly, Simon was bit by a spider when he was traveling to El Paso for the Sun City Sci-Fi convention. The worst part, he didn’t get any radio-active powers!


The short story is, spider bites are bad and they had to drain the infection from his leg and cut him open to get the rest of it out. I know, pretty disgusting. He was finally able to return home last week, full of Vicodin and Morphine. He spent the week on bed-rest with a humongous hole in his leg from the operation, but now Simon is back to work at the Comic Impact office to provide all your favorite comic content! Get ready for the new Cosplay Girl of the Month, Pick of the Week Podcasts, New This Week video, and a lot more!

Simon Daoudi