Figure Friday: Marvel Select Silver Surfer

Published on January 10th, 2014

Figure Friday is BACK!!! now we are join by Wess K from Daxie Boy Toys. On this edition of Figure Friday, Wess K. will be reviewing Silver Surfer from the Marvel Select line.

A Diamond Select Release! Sculpted by Sam Greenwell! The newest Marvel Select action figure from DST is the Surfer of the Spaceways himself, the Silver Surfer! Inspired by classic appearance of the cosmic character, this 7-inch figure comes with his board, as well as a dynamic display base that allows him to ride on it or pose with it! This highly requested character will be one of the fastest-selling Selects yet!

On the distant planet of Zenn-La, Norrin Radd lived a peaceful existence with his true love Shalla Bal, but that peace was interrupted when the being called Galactus arrived. Known as the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus had existed since before the universe began, and survived by feeding on the energy of living planets. Norrin begged that his planet be spared, offering to lead Galactus to other worlds. Galactus accepted, and transformed Norrin into a silver-skinned surfer of the spaceways, with the power cosmic at his fingertips and a m controlled surfboard beneath his feet. It was not until he encountered the beings of Earth that the Surfer shook off his master’s programming and rebelled, but he has since returned to Galactus’ service when the need has arisen. This 7-inch scale figure was sculpted by Sam Greenwell, and comes with a detailed display base, complete with removable surfboard.

If you would like to order your very own Silver Surfer Marvel Select Action Figure you can from the great people over at Daxie Boy Toys. Wess K will be back in two weeks with a all new Figure Friday

Simon Daoudi