Simon’s Best of 2013

Published on December 31st, 2013

2013 was a very difficult year personally, yet there was something that kept my energy going all year long, those funny little books that we like to call comic books. So here we go, enjoy my Personal Best List of 2013.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW Publishing) 

As far back as I remember, there were aways two things in my life, Star Wars and Turtles. In 2011, when IDW relaunched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles books, I was excited at the thought of new TMNT comics. When I was a kid, I used to go the shopping center with my mom, and she would buy me Turtles comics, so I was intrigued when IDW relaunched my favorite Heroes in a Half Shell.

I kept reading the book, yet something was missing that was not my Turtles, I’m not sure what. Then they announced an epic storyline called City Fall from Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman, with artwork by Mateus Santolouco. At first I was intrigued by the covers. As someone with a Graphic Design background, I was totally in love with them and saw that the first part of City Fall(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #22) would be coming out the day after my birthday. I joked to myself that this story line was going to be my birthday present to myself.


I had no idea what kind of amazing story we were going to get for the next seven issues. The creative team took us on a very interesting journey as Leonardo, the leader of the Turtles, fell and was brain washed for the evil Shredder.

Sure this sounds like any normal comic book storyline, but what makes this storyline the best comic of the year for me is how you felt the emotions of the other Turtles and their friends. Trying to save their friend from going down a dark path. Leo was slowly becoming the Darth Vader of the Turtles’ universe, as someone who had so much potential was falling from grace.

City Fall was loved by everyone on the site and was the Pick of the Week, 4 out of 7 issues. I don’t want to tell you how it ends; for that I highly recommend picking up the trade paperbacks. If IDW ever makes a hardcover, this would be something I would personally love to own, as this is the greatest Turtle story in the history of the Turtles. I love being a Turtle fan again. Thank you, IDW, for this amazing comic.

Joshua Dysart

2013 was an epic year for Marvel with their two events, Age of Ultron and Infinity. DC Comics is in full swing of their Forever Evil storyline. Image keeps on publishing amazing books, such as, The Walking Dead, and the highly acclaimed, Sex Criminals. IDW has totally impressed me this year with their great books, such as, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is my favorite comic of the year, and their run of Judge Dredd. Yet my favorite writer comes from a little company that has made an impact in my life, no pun intended. You’ve heard me talk about this comic all year long. The book I am talking about is Harbinger from Valiant, so it’s not a surprise that Joshua Dysart is my favorite writer of the year.


Dysart started in 2013 ending the Renegades storyline in Harbinger. He then teamed up with Duane Swierczynski to bring us HARBINGER WARS, the action-packed, nonstop roller coaster event of the Summer! He recently finished up the Perfect Day storyline where issue #15 of Harbinger was the Pick of the Week.

The amazing thing about Josh is that he makes me love a team book again after a very long time. For me, he is the new Chris Claremont. Dysart is not afraid to talk about serious political issues and human rights, which is something missing over at Marvel and DC. If you’ve been a fan of 1970s and 80s X-Men and have been missing them in your life, then I highly recommend picking up any of his Harbinger run and obviously, HARBINGER WARS. Like I have been saying all along, Harbinger is the best fucking superhero book on the market. That is because of Dysart’s work on the book.

The Winter Soldier Trailer

Need I say more? You’ve heard me, Sheldon, or any of us on the podcast talk about our love for Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s run on Captain America. You know that we’re all fans of the Winter Soldier and finally seeing this story as a motion picture next year gets me ridiculously excited for this film.

Elephantmen #51

This one issue can be considered egocentric, but I’m going to go with it, I don’t care. A few months before issue 51 of Elephantmen came out, I received an email from the creator, Richard Starkings, asking me if my father’s name was Max. I replied that his name is Robert. I don’t remember Richard’s answer to me, I just thought it was a weird email and I went on with my day.  Then I opened issue 51 of Elephantmen, going through the panels using comiXology, and I saw the Max Daoudi building.


Like I said, this is totally egocentric. Yet having my last name in what is in my opinion, the greatest science-fiction comic ever written, made me happy and excited. Somehow, my last name is now part of the Elephantmen Universe. I don’t know how many people can say that their last name is part of their favorite comic of all time.


ComiXologyI like technology, no wait, I really LOVE technology. I have been reading comics since 1984 and made weekly trips to my comic shop as far back as I remember. I have even worked at few comics shops back in the day. Then in 2011, when the New 52 came out, I started reading comics on my iPhone 4. It wasn’t a big screen, but I was intrigued by ComiXology and what they had to offer.

Since that day in 2011, I don’t think I’ve read 10 single issues that were not digital. Digital comics were something I was against 5 years ago, when we launched the site. I thought they were ridiculous, something I never wanted to see happen to the comic industry, but now I am the biggest supporter of them.

ComiXology has truly made an impact on my comic reading experience. I could be at my local coffee shop, take out my iPad, and have access to thousands of comics. The greatest thing is they don’t take up room in my apartment and the colors are bright. My favorite thing is the shocking reveals we get from the Guided View that truly makes ComiXology something wonderful. It’s my favorite thing in comics for 2013, and has made me fall in love with comics, like the first time I walked into my comic shop back in 1984.

So there you go, there’s my Five Favorite Things and Comics for 2013. I would personally like to thank everyone that listens, watches, reads, shares, tweets, and likes this on Facebook, you know the routine.

For the past four years, and into year five, we have a lot of great stuff planned for you, Comic Impact fans! Thank you again and truly, you guys have made a huge impact in my life! I love all of you, happy 2014!

Simon Daoudi