New Revealing Comixology Digital Sales Stats

Published on October 10th, 2013

Digital Comics, with some of us in the Comics community it can be a hot button issue.It is one of those quintessential choices in life.Do I go digital or do I stick with my collection of dead trees? Well Comixology wanted to see what people are reading and how, they also wanted to crawl into your brain and get an idea of the things you crazy digital readers are into and well they shared the information below in this nifty little graph chart! It has some interesting facts in it and gives us a peak into the life and mind of a digital comic book purchaser! I will say that I was happy to see that for the most part , we, as a community seem to be honest and actually buy our comics instead of just  ummm finding them on our computers hard drive.

Good for us! Also happy to see that The World’s End made it on the top 3 movies digital peeps have been checking out.All in all pretty interesting stats! What do you good looking comics people out there think of this info?

Sheldon Lee