The Impact:August 12th 2013

Published on August 12th, 2013

Blue blazes! In this episode of The Impact!, Simon and Rick cover the questions plaguing the minds of comics fans worldwide.

Who will be playing Carnage in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel? Why is Kevin Maguire updating his résumé? Which cast member of The Avengers lacks serious fundamental Avengers knowledge? Why is nobody talking about Star Wars at Disney? Who is going to be the new Batman film star and does anyone care about animated Aquaman? Who is the green guy in Dark Horse Comics’ The Star Wars? And which book brings back Spider-Man 2099 (again) to mainstream Marvel?

All this, plus Simon creates a new drinking game and does the best Vin Diesel impression this side of the Andromeda Galaxy!

Running Time:01:06:27
Music: Suckadelic – Supervillain Fanfare

Rick “Smash” Hansen



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