The Impact: July 2nd 2013

Published on July 2nd, 2013

Welcome to an ALL NEW episode of The Impact…think of us as Comic News Wranglers at the Dude Ranch of Information. I know it doesn’t make much sense but just close your eyes and go with it. This episode finds Sheldon and Simon sans Antonio but fear not they talk
enough…trust me!

Hope you’re sitting down because we talk about so much news that you just might throw your back out. Please don’t do that though because we can’t be held liable, lets get right into some of the waves of news that will wash over you in this episode. We start off with a ton of Comic News about everyones favorite semi indie comic imprint Vertigo and the barrage of new series being released by them.

We then push the news content further with Marvel Movie News involving my favorite officer and yours Captain America as well as discuss what is to be with DC’s film line.We shift gears a bit and talk exclusives with Valiant Comics and I’m not just talking variant covers we also get news of exclusive artist! Fear not we haven’t forgotten about the small screen we look to give you ALL the news. With that said we discuss Marvel and ABC’s S.H.I.E.L.D and a newest member to Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Guys this is just the Highlight reel you gotta put your ear buds in and have a listen if you want all the info so grab a seat and have a cool drink because this news is HOT and we don’t want anyone passing out on us!

Running Time:00:47:33
Music: Lovesong – The Cure

Sheldon Lee



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