WonderCon 2013: Dan Slott

Published on April 9th, 2013

So here it is the final interview of WonderCon 2013. In this interview we talk with Dan Slott!That’s right we got 20 mins plus interview with the man that killed Peter Parker and made Doctor Octopus aka Otto Gunther Octavius into Spidey in The Superior Spider-Man from Marvel comics.

We also  find out some possible spoilers and maybe the return of Peter Parker. Wanna know   Dan’s favorite  Amazing Spider-Man issues of all time? Watch the video! Simon and Dan also geek out over the time lord from Gallifrey as they discuss what their excited to see in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode.

So don’t miss out on this exclusive extended super long, only available here at Comic Impact interview with the former Amazing, now Superior Dan Slott. This is the Spider-man interview you don’t want to miss out on you crazy Web Heads!

Simon Daoudi