Comic Elements: April 5th 2013

Published on April 5th, 2013
Who’s broke?
BETTER YET- WHO ISN’T BROKE? It’s obvious most of us are suffering these days, and with all these advents in new banking technology- why does it still take three business days for a check to clear?What good is it that I can take a picture of my check with my phone and deposit the sucker when I’m not gonna be able to see that green for another 3 days, and longer if I deposit it on Friday? AGH.

I’m sure you’ve all suffered through this- but how many of you have suffered this while at a comic convention and you are dead broke? YAH IT SUCKS. Then again, how many books and toys did I refrain from buying that would have otherwise gathered dust in an already overflowing collection?

ComicElementsApril52013I made one purchase this past weekend, headed out to STAURT NG BOOKS, (google it) they have the most AMAZING selection of European comics ANYWHERE. From Moebius to Cassegrain, they even carry sketchbooks that artists typically sell at conventions! YOU KNOW THE ONES THAT YOU CAN’T GET CAUSE YOU LIVE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY? THOSE.

I got the oversized THE BLACK INCAL buy Jodorowsky and Moebius. ONLY 999 made. It is as beautiful as a new born bambie.

Get yours before they run out!!