Comic Elements: April 19th 2013

Published on April 19th, 2013


Wow- 75 years young!

Blows my mind that comics have been around that long, I mean conventional comics in the way we know them this day and age…

We all know that sequential art has been around since before man invented the wheel, cave paintings of men chasing game on one wall and on the next arrows going into the beasts!


I wonder what kind of reaction Action Comics #1 got when it hit the street corner newsstand? Hell I wonder if it was even on the newsstand, maybe it was stashed under a pile of more popular comics? I’m sure I could scour the Internet for that info, but I’ll let my mind wander for now!

Even then, I bet there’s only a handful of people left in the world that remember seeing it when it first came out, I wonder how they felt? If they treated it the same way we treat issue 1 of anything new and exciting?

Someone google this for me yah? I’m busy makin comics over here!


I can’t help but think that Kal-El would be an amazingly crazy old man, throwing grandkids hundreds of miles in the sky for fun.