Comic Elements: March 6th 2013

Published on March 6th, 2013

I’m tempted to put a spoiler alert on this- but is it really worth it?

How many times has this happened? It’s gotten to the point where I imagine Batman just finds it annoying, and he begins to blame the kid he rescued for being an idiot.

This sort if situation makes me think about comics and games in general- when the “good guys” kill the “bad guys”, rarely do we see the character try to deal with the stress of killing.  Granted, some of these guys are superheroes, and they have better things to do than suffer from post traumatic stress- but what about the normal humans?


We’ve all heard the stories of ex military snipers completely losing their minds after they come back home, how is it that Bruce Wayne can keep his playboy millionaire lifestyle together and deal with Batman business at night? I’m sure someone out there has written a “Batman loses his mind and kills random people because of PTSD”.

But then I sit back and realize- you don’t care- you just wanna see bats beat the shit out the joker.

And so the cycle continues.

Can we please get a girl robin again? Plz. thnx. <3