The Impact: February 4th 2013

Published on February 4th, 2013

Hey guys, it has been a busy week with lots of news, teases, and first looks at some very exciting stuff from the world of comics.

Comic-Con Tickets Go On Sale Next Saturday.

Get ready comic fans this coming Saturday February 16, 2013 badges for 2013 San Diego Comic-Con will go on sale at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (PT). Set your alarms, have your memeber ID ready, and make sure your internet connection is in proper working order. It’s going to be brutal so good luck guys. More information is available HERE

IDW Launches New X-Files Comic.

IDW announced that they would be publishing a new series based on seminal sci-fi series The X-Files. The series will take place after the second film, The X-Files: I Want To Believe. IDW will also have the ability to reprint previous released collections. In the press release  President of Fox Consumer Product Jeffrey Godsick said.

“The fans of THE X-FILES have remained loyal to the series since its conclusion. What better way to continue the show’s legacy and give back to them than through new stories in a different medium. IDW has worked with a number of our Fox properties, and we know they’re going to do great things with these iconic characters.”

No word yet on a creative team. The X-Files reopens this June.

New Iron Man 3 Teaser Poster and the  Superbowl spot.



Check out this awesome new teaser poster for Shane Black’s Iron Man 3. This is by far the best poster for any of the Iron Man movies. Why? This poster is telling a story in a single image.We also got a new image of Rebecca Hall who is playing Maya Hansen, who first appeared in Warren Ellis’ “Extremis” storyline.  Iron Man 3 will hit theaters May 3rd 2013.

Also this week we got a  the Iron Man 3 Superbowl spot. The tease did give us our first official look at Don Cheadle in the Iron Patriot armor.

Ant-Man and Dr. Strange Will Be Apart of Marvel Studios Phase Three.
With Iron Man 3 Marvel Studios Phase Two will officially begin. This week while speaking with MTV Splash Page  Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige started hinting at where Marvel wants Phase Three to go and who will finally make the leap to the silver screen.

“‘Ant-Man’ is definitely part of Phase Three,” “I’ve known Edgar since our first lunch together at Comic-Con in 2004,” he continued. “He asked me what Marvel was doing with ‘Ant-Man’ — we weren’t even a studio then; what a difference eight years makes! It’s very much an ‘Ant-Man’ origin movie from the perspective of Edgar Wright and his co-writer Joe Cornish. It will of course be firmly planted in the MCU, but a different corner than we’ve seen before.”

and what about the often rumored Doctor Strange film???

“‘Doctor Strange,’ which I’ve been talking about for years, is definitely one of them,” he confirmed. “He’s a great, original character, and he checks the box off this criteria that I have: he’s totally different from anything else we have, just like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ He’s totally different from anything we’ve done before, as is ‘Ant-Man,’ which keeps us excited.”

Well there you have it guys? Does this make you more excited for Phrase Three?

Is Paul Giamatti In Talks to Play the Rhino?

According to The Hollywood Reporter actor Paul Giamatti will be joining the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Apparently Giamatti would play the Rhino which I think is fantastic casting, if anyone can make that character compelling to comic fans and non-fans alike it is Paul Giamatti.

Giamatti would join original cast members Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone and previously announced new cast members Jamie Foxx who is playing Electro, Shailene Woodley who is playing Mary Jane Watson, and Dane DeHaan who is playing Harry Osborn. Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters May 2nd 2014.

New Picture From The Wolverine.


TheWolverine2 released two new images from The Wolverine this week. I’m really looking forward to getting our first look at this movie and was really surprised Fox did not have an ad planned for the Superbowl. Well here is hoping we will get a trailer sooner rather than later. The Wolverine hits theaters July 26th, 2013.

Revenge Actress Emily VanCamp Joins Captain America: The  Winter Soldier.

Deadline reports that Revenge actress Emily VanCamp has been cast as the female lead (most likely Sharon Carter)  in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Deadline also revealed that Scarlett Johansson would be making an appearance in the film as well. Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens April 4, 2014.

Cartoon Network Announces 2013 Plans. Confirms Young Justice and Green Lantern Cancellation.

Well I have some good news and I have some bad news. This week Cartoon Network unveiled their plans for 2013 plans. What we learned was that Beware the Batman, the latest CG animated series from Glen Murakami, will debut this summer, and that Teen Titans Go! will also debut this summer as well.


Sadly we also learned that Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series were cancelled. While not a surprise, it is still a major bummer. On Friday Cartoon Network released an additional press release regarding the cancellation.

“Thank you to all our fans for expressing just how much they love DC Nation on Cartoon Network. There’s still more new Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series to enjoy in the coming weeks. And DC Nation isn’t going anywhere; there will be plenty of new adventures coming your way later this year.”

We still have a few new episodes left so enjoy them while we can.
Fox and Ridley Scott Pick Up Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT.
Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. This week 20th Century Fox and Ridley Scott’s production company Scott Free picked up the rights to the Dark Horse series by Matt Kindt, Mind MGMT. This is a series I have yet to jump on to but a bunch of my trusted friends and tastemakers have recommended it so I will have to check it out when it’s collected in April.

 New Man of Steel Images, Toys, and Whatever Happened to Superman Lives?


Check out these awesome new images from the Man of Steel. Released in this week’s issue of Empire the cover is by far the best look we have of Henry Cavill in his Superman uniform. We also got our first official images of Russell Crowe as Jor-El and Michael Shannon as General Zod.



Spanish site Desde Hollywood also scored another first look from the movie, our first look at Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

Check out these latest images of some of the toys that have been licensed from the movie. Mattel really did a fantastic job with what I believe is the Movie Masters version of Superman, Zod, and Jor-El. I want them all.







Now that we have covered the Superman movie of the present, let’s take a moment to talk about a Superman movies that almost happened. Superman Lives at one point would have been directed by Tim Burton, written by Kevin Smith, and starred Nicholas Cage. The script and some of the preproduction designs have all made their way online. Heck even this week we got our best look at Nicholas Cage testing the Superman costume. Director Jon Schnepp is hoping to Kickstart a documentary  giving us the most conclusive look on the film that almost was, entitled  The Death of “Superman Lives: What Happened? Check out his pitch HERE.

I for one thing this is a very cool idea. I agree with Schnepp that seeing Burton’s vision of Superman would not have been traditional or even well liked amongst fans, it would have been unlike anything we would have ever seen.

New Trailers From DC Comics.

Check out the latest trailers featuring DC Comics characters. The first is courtesy of The Nerdist it’s the latest from DC Animated movie Superman Unbound which adapts Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s classic Superman: Brainiac. It features the voice of Matthew Bomer (White Collar) who was almost cast as Superman in Brett Ratner’s 2003 project, Superman Flyby.


The second is from the new DC fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us. The trailer gives us our best look at the story which seems to be a post apocalyptic look at our favorite heroes and villains. I’m just really excited to see the voice cast including Kevin Conroy as Batman (Batman the Animated Series), George Newbern as Superman (Justice League, JLU) and Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman (Justice League, JLU). Check it out, it looks awesome.


Well there you have it guys this was a huge week. Hope you enjoy your weekend and the Superbowl!!!


Matt Todd