Sam Humphries Signing

Published on January 25th, 2013

SamHumphriesSigningThis Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending a signing at Collector’s Paradise (Pasadena). It celebrated the latest releases from one of Marvel’s fastest rising stars, Sam Humphries. This was a huge week for Humphries, with the debut of Uncanny X-Force, a brand new issue and trade paperback collection of  The Ultimates, and the long awaited fourth chapter of  his creator owned series Sacrifice it was a hat trick of comic goodness. The signing was packed and with Humphries and Uncanny X-Force inker Danny Miki taking a generous amount of time with each fan, everyone was in high spirits the mood was quite festive.

Having read the first issue of Uncanny X-Force the celebration was very well deserved. It deals primarily with the assembly of the team, focusing on Betsy Braddock (Psylocke) and Storm. Braddock is dealing with the disbanding of the previous iteration of X-Force and is not taking it well. She is restless, and that restlessness is reflected in the pacing of the issue, which doesn’t waste a second.

Humphries had a tough job following up on Rick Remender’s stellar run on Uncanny X-Force, this is not a Remender’s X-Force, and that is a good thing. Humphries takes the book and makes it his own. He delivered on his promise of a “mutant ninja noir.” Each of these characters (Psylocke, Puck, Storm, Fantomex, Bishop) have gone through some very traumatic events and I can’t wait to see them all interact with one another. That is one of my favorite things about noir, taking volatile damaged characters and watching them bounce off each other like a game of pinball. Having read both Humphries mainstream and his independent work, this is the most I have heard his unique voice come through his mainstream work which I think is for all our benefits.

Ron Garney and Danny Miki are a great team. Miki’s inks make Garney’s pencils look sharper than ever and I love the character designs by Kris Anka, (MOHAWK STORM!!!!) Marte Garcia (with Israel Gonzalez) continues to prove he is one of the best colorists working today


Finally, if you are not on the Sacrifice train catch up, or at least make sure you pick it up once it is collected by Dark Horse.


Matt Todd