Review: Shadowman #3

Published on January 14th, 2013

Welcome one, welcome all to the Month of Valiant here at Comic Impact! This month we will be giving some great goodies away as we’ll as bringing you more from what is easily one of if not the best publishers in comics today. This month we will be giving away special prizes directly from Valiant as well as having podcast with talent from some of your favorite books published by them. Listen to the podcasts for a chance to win some of these NOT TO BE MISSED prizes. I’m not even kidding, I have had these at my place and I badly want to keep one of them! The whole reason we wanted to bring you a full month featuring Valiant books is because they have come out of the gate swinging by providing you with great content as well as talking to the fans about what they want from Valiant as well as giving us beautiful looking and beautifully written books. Valiant as a company has been smart,creative and personable with their fans and THIS is what makes Valiant a great publisher in every aspect!

Shadowman3Shadowman #3 written by Justin Jordan with art by Patrick Zircher goes beyond being just another supernatural thriller…with issue 3 it becomes one of The Best Magical and Supernatural thrillers on retails shelves now! Lets face it, Valiant has been doing a lot right but I have to say issue 3 of Shadowman starts to show us a MUCH bigger world that is possible with this character. This issue shows us, hopefully, a little bit of what Justin Jordan has in mind for the world of Shadowman by taking us into the Deadside so that Alyssa can let Jack discover who Shadowman really is and what that legacy might mean for him. We also see Mr.Twist interrogating the now captured Dox. This issue really starts to dig into the nuts and bolts of how this world works and by doing so really shows the potential that can be found with this character. The careful choices being made toward this character are really shown once he enters the Deadside. We are shown a darker twisted version of our own world with its own rules and a rather interesting tour guide in the talking monkey named Jaunty. Jaunty is one part crazy Yoda, one part voodoo man and all monkey.It only ends up getting crazier for Jack by the end of this issue as he has a bit of a family reunion.Jordan’s writing just keeps sucking you more and more and it certainly doesn’t hurt that you have an artistic powerhouse like Patrick Zircher feeding your eyes with page after page of pitch perfect artwork. This is only issue three so there is so much more we don’t know about all of our characters but with writing and art work like this you would be crazy not to catch this book every month!

Final Verdict: Shadowman has not only come out of the shadows in this third issue but in many ways outshines other Valiant books! If you are a fan of the Supernatural and Magic type of books then this should be top in your pullist!

Sheldon Lee