Review: Archer and Armstrong #6

Published on January 22nd, 2013

ArcherArmstrong6Archer and Armstrong #6 brings a feminine touch this issue with the introduction of the New Geomancer but don’t worry Fred Van Lente and Emanuela Luppacchino continue to expand The Eternal Warriors past while letting us see how deep down the rabbit hole The Sect go.

Valiant continues to be stead fast in developing every inch of its burgeoning universe. Archer and Armstrong have already offered so much with the Sect,The Boon, The Eternal Warrior and now they continue this by introducing us to a new protector of the Earth called The Geomancer. We are also introduced briefly to the swashbuckling time period had by The Eternal Warrior.While this issue wasn’t overflowing with our favorite odd couple of Archer and Armstrong it does do an awful lot of character and world building in a excellent manor.

I would be completely remiss to mention Luppacchino’s excellent artwork in this issue. He is another prime example of Valiant’s tireless search for excellent talent on each and every title. His art work paired with Van Lente’s exuberant writing style is a kin to watching Raiders of The Lost Ark with story elements of the game Assassins Creed. If they they doesn’t sell it for you you may want to take a trip to your doctor to check your pulse.Archer and Armstrong is a book that piles on action, adventure, and deep intrigue all the while building onto Valiant’s universe!

Final Verdict: With so many titles to sort through in the world of comics it may seem like a daunting task. Valiant however has eliminated the need to search out other publishers as they have everything you need in all of there titles. Archer and Armstrong is yet another book that slides into the strong foundation of their surmounting legacy of greatness!

Sheldon Lee