Cosplay Girl of The YEAR!

Published on January 14th, 2013

Hey Comic Impact how is it going? Doing great here just wanted to let you know that it is that special time of the year where we ask YOU to pick our next Cosplay Girl of the year!

We know you love the Cosplay Girl of The Month feature and last year was an amazing year for Cosplay here at Comic Impact. We got Roxanna Meta who was the Cosplay Girl of The Month back in February 2010 joining the Comic Impact family as our head Cosplay writer for all your Cosplay news.




Here’s how it works: the competition is between the 12 Cosplay Girls of The Month from 2012.  The poll will be open from today January 14th 2013 until February 14th 2013.  We will announce the winner on That week’s Impact and also on the New This Week for February 20th 2013.







The decision is up to you, We’ve got the poll on this page where you can vote on who you think should be Comic Impact’s new Cosplay Girl of The Year.  Choose the girl that you feel exemplifies what you like in Cosplay! That’s it! And yes we  have a prize for the winner, but that will be announced a little later on New This Week for February 20th 2013. So get out there and vote! MAKE A IMPACT.

Simon Daoudi