POW November 28th 2012: All New X-Men #2

Published on December 5th, 2012

What’s Up World O Comic Fans! Ready for a new Pick of The Week?!Good cause Simon, Antonio, & Sheldon are here ready to bring it!

This week Sheldon picks All New X-Men #2 by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Stuart Immonen. Don’t worry though lot’s of good books are out their and hey we talk about a few of them. Wanna know….well good cause I wanna tell ya here they are! Nowhere Man, Silk Spectre, Thor, New Avengers, Chew, FF, Batman Inc and Justice League Dark.

Oh yes we also talk about The Walking Dead TV show and Sheldon is up in arms because Dark Horse doesn’t have Comixology as a part of its distribution.

Running Time:01:13:48
Music: The Beatles –Nowhere Man

Sheldon Lee



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