Loikamania: Rick Remender

Published on December 19th, 2012

This week, Rick Remender returns to the show to discuss the conclusion of his run on Uncanny X-Force and Secret Avengers, as well as his upcoming plans for Uncanny Avengers and Captain America. We also talk about his upcoming creator-owned work with Paul Renaud, Devolution…and we even get some hints on his upcoming project with Greg Tocchini! And if that’s not enough, we even go through some process talk! Enjoy the show, and pick up a copy of book 1 of the Fear Agent Library, out now!

Cover art by John Cassaday and Laura Martin, design by Chris Maze.
Music by Steve Earnhart and Amon Amarth.

Rick’s website: rickremender.com
Rick’s Twitter: twitter.com/remender

Pat Loika



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