Comic Elements: December 1st 2012

Published on December 1st, 2012

Break out your puffy coats amigos and amigas! WINTER IS COMING.Or your bear skin clothing and wolf paw gloves, if you enjoying throne games.

Now for you who have lived all their lives near the equator, (I’m talking to you Californians, Arizonians, Texans, etc.) you may not understand the severity of this joke– don’t shake your head at me… oh you came to Chicago once in the winter for a wedding? Don’t lie to me- nobody here gets married in the winter. Okay maybe a few nut balls who want a winter wonderland ceremony- but trust me, they get china from Wal-Mart and gift cards to McDonalds for inviting us to a winter wedding. JUST KEEPIN IT REAL. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Where was I?
I appreciate a good comic that takes place during different seasons. Batman seems to do this a lot- I reckon its cause Gotham City is easier to draw with snow all over the place (who wants to draw beer bottles, trash and torn newspapers all over the place?).

As a child I always wondered why New York City is always so perfect and sunny in Spiderman comics- Superman too. When in reality, we don’t get THAT many days of summer bliss. If we’re
lucky, at least in Chicago, we get anywhere from thirty to sixty days of perfect weather (not in a row mind you)- 80-95 degree sunny days with light cloud coverage. That leaves three-hundred some odd days in which you have carry the following, on your body, at all times: umbrella, raincoat, rain boats, snow boats, jacket, coat, gloves, de-icer, warm packs, ice scraper, cold packs, snow boots, jumper cables, chains for your tires (yes for your tires).

I don’t know where I’m going with this, all I know is that my pug refuses to go outside to make a doodoo because its too cold for her. She lives in front of the heating vent now. Or snuggled into my stomach, I think the snoring is making conversation with my insides. I think they might be planning a
coup. Maybe I should stop eating spicy stuff?

Moving on. Are there any comics where superheroes are rocking puffy jackets? I’d love to see that.

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