The Impact: November 4th -10th 2012

Published on November 10th, 2012

Hey everyone, it looks like the comic news cycle is back in full swing. Here is this week’s installment of The Impact.

New Star Wars Movies Has Landed a Writer.

Deadline is reporting and Star Wars official site has confirmed that Oscar winning writer Michael Ardnt has written a treatment for the next three Star Wars movies and will write the script for Episode VII. Ardnt has penned such films as Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3 and was apparently brought in months ago to start work on a treatment for a new trilogy and the script for Episode VII. The script apparently will feature Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia although I would think it wold be in more of a supporting role, but that is purely my speculation. Episode VII will hit theaters in 2015. On a personal note Disney please hire Brad Bird to direct these movies.

Man of Steel Will Get 3D Conversion.

This week Warner Bros. announced it would be converting Man of Steel to 3D director Zack Snyder elaborated in the press release.

The film is going to be a visually exciting experience in all formats: 2D, 3D and IMAX. Anticipating how audiences today embrace 3D, we designed and photographed the movie in a way that would allow ‘Man of Steel’ to captivate those movie goers, while respecting fans who prefer a more traditional cinematic experience. We’ve taken great measures to ensure the film and the story come first, and 3D is meant as an enhancement.”

Man of Steel flies into theaters June 14, 2013.

Clarification on Guillermo del Toro  Justice League Dark Movie.

Last week I wrote about the possibility of Guillermo del Toro possibly being involved with a movie that would unite DC’s supernatural characters in one movie a.k.a Justice League Dark…well it looks like it might still happen but it is not as possible as it looked last week. While talking with MTV Geek Del Toro was asked about his possible involvement.

When somebody asked me about “Justice League”…I’m not involved in “Justice League.” I am discussing…I’ve been discussing with the fans and I’ve been very, very open about how much “Swamp Thing” was key when I was a kid. Comics in Mexico came on the first two days of the week. Around Tuesday and Wednesday I would go to the newsstand on my bicycle and I would get “Swamp Thing” every time it was available and I loved Jack Kirby’s “Demon”. I love Constantine and all that. You know, I’ve been pursuing doing something with them for many, many years. Hopefully it’ll come to pass. But we are still just discussing.

Well at this point we can at least hope that this project will be given to del Toro but all we can do is stay tuned.

Hellblazer To End with Issue 300. DC Announces new DCU Based Constantine Title.

Courtesy of The Source. Vertigo’s longest running series, Hellblazer is ending this February with issue 300 which will be written by Peter Milligan with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Stefano Landini. The character will now be found as a permanent part of the DC Universe in a new book entitled Constantine. Written by Robert Venditti, and  art by Renato Guedes. “It’s my goal to have the new CONSTANTINE series be equal parts familiarity and surprise.  Venditti explained that,”This will be the Constantine we all know and love, but facing new and unexpected challenges from both inside and out.”

Dan DiDio post this on his facebook  on Thursday

“I am getting a number of messages and notes on the cancellation of Hellblazer. This was not an easy decision and I’d like to say there is a natural conclusion to the Constantine storyline in the Hellblazer series. Number 300 will be as special as you would expect it to be. Hellblazer’s had a long and incredibly successful run and that’s a tip of the hat to all the great creators that have worked on the book over the years. The new Constantine series will return him back to his roots in the DCU and hopefully be the start of another incredible run. Thanks for all your thoughts and support. Best, DD”

Brian Bendis and Chris Bachalo Confirmed for Uncanny X-Men.

Last week we got the one word teaser telling us that Bendis and Bachalo were “Uncanny.” Then on Thursday Chris Bachalo let it slip on his blog.

Looks like the cats out of the bag. Its me an Bendis on a new launch of the series. This was a tough one as i was really enjoying my time on WX but Brian asked for me to help him launch the new Uncanny and how do you turn down that offer. Launches are tough as there’s a lot of ground to cover to get things rolling. Characters are re-imagined, writing styles adjusted to, locations established. Its a tough learning curve that typically takes a few issues to figure out and grow comfortable with. We’re still very early into the creative part so hard for me to comment on exactly what to expect. The daring part is that the tone of the book–feels like, its early–will be a little darker. Characters powers have been ‘adjusted” as a result of the Phoenix five fall out and I was asked to redesign costumes for the entire cast. Everyone. Plus, as of today, there are two “new” mutants. Its a big jump that I’m sure will turn a few off but, we’re betting on, that most will welcome and enjoy. One thing that you can count on Is that Brian will always give you something worth reading. He never fails to be interesting. Launch is two issues in February. LMK how I’m doing.



Then on Friday it was confirmed on Marvel’s official site. The book will be lead by Cyclops, who is now the leader of the Brotherhood. In the interview writer Brian Michael Bendis spoke about where Cyclops mentally is.

You will discover in the very first issue of ALL-NEW X-MEN exactly where Scott Summers’ head is at. Of all the X-Men that feel it is their job to further the legacy of Charles Xavier, no one feels it more strongly than Scott Summers.

Scott Summers himself is not only trying to save these kids but he is trying to train them and get them ready for what he feels is coming mutant revolution These new students represent his only hope for true redemption. And his only hope to make the world the way he really thinks it should be.

I am really excited for this book. If you haven’t read AVX Consequences you are really missing out on a great mini-series.

Defenders Get Fearless with Bunn and Sliney.

Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney will be launching a new Defenders title. The Fearless Defenders will feature Misty Knight, Valkyrie, Dani Moonstar and a changing female cast. In an interview with Newsarma Bunn spoke about the significance of an all female team.

I think there are a lot of great female characters in the Marvel Universe who have not been given the chance they need, because maybe they can’t support a book all on their own, or maybe they’ve been on a team and they’ve been kind of lost in the shuffle for, in some cases, many, many, many years. This is my opportunity to put them all together, and to give them the spotlight.

The Fearless Defenders launches this February.

Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino on Green Arrow Starting this February.

Starting this February, Animal Man writer Jeff Lemire and I,Vampire artist Andrea Sorrentino will be taking over Green Arrow. Lemire took to his blog to explain his approach to Oliver Queen.

“How about Green Arrow?”

It was a sunny day in late July, a few days after I’d returned home from San Diego Comicon, and Dan Didio had called me. I had talked to Dan at Comicon about what I would write next. We had bounced a few things around at the Con, but nothing stuck. So when Dan called that afternoon, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When he asked me, “How about Green Arrow?” I paused. Oliver Queen was never a character I’d had any particular affection for. I love DC comics and love DC characters, but Green Arrow was never one of the guys I gravitated towards. Yet, for some reason, as soon as Dan said it, something sparked in my head. At that moment, I wasn’t sure why, but something told me this was exactly the kind of book and kind of character I was searching for.

Green Arrow is a character that always has the potential to be a major player in the DCU. When I took on Animal Man, I immediately saw it as a chance to do my version of the classic Vertigo horror/superhero books I loved as a teenager. And, similarly, the first thing I thought of with Green Arrow was a chance to do a really hard hitting, crime/superhero book in the tradition of Mike Grell’s classic run on the character or Denny O’Neil’s The Question comics from the late 80’s early 90’s. Quite simply, I wanted to make Green Arrow a hunter again. A street level hero of the gutters caught up in a world of violence, betrayal and conspiracy.

My ever growing plans for the book will build a huge new mythology around Green Arrow’s legacy and send him across the globe, all the while trying to stay one step ahead of a deadly new cast of villains with mysterious ties to his past. And I knew that if I wanted to pull it off, I’d need one hell of an artist, someone who could match the new vision for Green Arrow that I was after.

Andrea Sorrentino’s stark and beautiful artwork on I, Vampire had caught my eye last year when I was looking at preview copies of the New 52 books. And, I’ve continued to follow him ever since. While his work is perfectly suited for the horror vibe of Vampire, I thought that putting him on a character like Green Arrow would create an amazing tension and a really unique take on a DCU superhero. And boy, was I right. His work so far in Green Arrow has been the absolute best of his career. This is one beautiful looking comic book.

It really is a brand new day for The Emerald Archer. I’ve fallen in love with writing this book and this character. I can only hope that a fraction of the excitement that both Andrea are feeling while working on Green Arrow translates onto the page and you’ll give the book a chance come February when our first action-packed arc, THE KILL MACHINE debuts with Issue #17. I intend to hurt Oliver Queen. Strip him down to the bone and force him to rise up and become the hero he was destined to be. I hope you come along for the ride.

So, “How about Green Arrow?”

I think Lemire is a great choice and his approach is very promising. He tweeted earlier this week that he was reading Brian Bendis’ Daredevil run as research which is perfect. Lemire and Sorrentino take aim at Oliver Queen with Green Arrow #17.

Two other series were announced this week. Vibe written by Andrew Kriesberg, that’s right, Vibe, and Katana by Ann Nocenti and Alex Sanchez.

DC Announces 52 Variants for Justice League of America #1

This week we learned that DC will be unveiling 52 variant covers for David Finch and Geoff Johns Justice League of America #1 representing all 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. Retailer do not need to worry there is no minimum purchase and can choose whichever variants they want to

Well there you have it guys. Stay tuned for next week for an all new installment of the The Impact.

Matt Todd