Did You Catch All That? – November 2012

Published on November 23rd, 2012

Happy GOBBLE GOBBLE Day! Hope you had a good November. Now it is time to sit back and enjoy a new episode of Did You Catch All That? Join Simon and Sheldon at DJ’s Universal Comics in Studio City as they talk about what made an impact this past month. Did you know that That The Walking Dead is kicking ass both on TV and in comics sales!

Simon has a new best friend as he talks to you about the best stuff that came out with “On Shelves Now” and Sheldon gives the best movie news around with “Comics On Films”  the boys also talk about some of their favorite Issues for November 2012. They also talk about a Kickstarter from are good friends over at Hi-Fi colour design.

That’s not all though as Simon talks to you about one of his favorite books of the year in the “Indie Corner” and they also cover the events from the past month and find out who was doing some amazing variants covers over at Image in the Rundown. So sit back and enjoy some left over turkey and watch an all new episode of ” Did You Catch All That?” as you slowly drift away into a turkey laced, comic dream.

Simon Daoudi