POW: September 26th 2012 Wolverine and the X-Men #17

Published on October 3rd, 2012

Has it really been seven days since the last Comic Impact Pick Of The Week Podcast? This episode has  Sheldon,Simon and  Travis! Travis was honored with the pick of the week but then threw it right back into Simon’s face as he’s been telling him he should’ve been reading Wolverine and the X-Men by Jason Aaron.

That starts the whole entire discussion of what makes a great comic as we talked about how the zero issues from DC work and didn’t work and found out what book Sheldon is obsessing over from Image Comics.

We also talked about the magic in the DC universe  and how it is affecting other books in the DC U. Did the Punisher by Greg Rucka live up to the hype for Sheldon and Travis and why isn’t Simon reading this book? Simon knows one thing and that is that he is  not sure what to make of Happy! #1 by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson. The boys also talked about All-Star Western #0,Superman #0,Takio #3 and The Invincible Iron Man #25

All this and find out what crazy, sexy panties you can get for yourself or that special someone  over at superherostuff.com and  Sheldon finds a birthday present for Travis’s wife… so sit back enjoy what we called the Pick Of The Week Podcast

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Running Time:01:42:16
Music: Redemption Song – Johnny Cash (feat. Joe Strummer)

Simon Daoudi

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