POW:August 29th 2012 Wolverine and the X-Men #15

Published on September 5th, 2012

Has it really been seven days since the last comic impact P.O.W (Pick of the week)? Yes, yes it has and you know what else this is a big one! It’s episode 300!! Simon is joined by two of our new writers Antonio and Travis. Antonio has the pick this week and he goes with Wolverine and the X-Men #15.

The guys discuss many great issues like for instance have you ever wondered what a dead monkey looks like in space? Or how many times have asked your self what Jason Alexander looks like in the nude and what would a sexy Deathlok comic be like? Find out all this and more! Seriously, we cover some of the biggest books for the week of Aug 29 2012

You know Simon keeps telling  everyone that the biggest blockbuster of the summer is Valiant so it should come to no surprise that he talks about X-0 Manowar.Travis talks about the epic crossover that is happening in Thor and Journey Into Mystery. Antonio talks about Angel and Faith and the fact that you should really be reading this comic if you’re a fan of the Buffyverse.

We also talk about Powers,Spaceman,Uncanny X-Force,Green Lantern and Gambit. So sit down and start syncing your iPod or any audio device or listen to it here live and join us for episode 300 as this is another episode of the P.O.W. you don’t want to miss. Plus find out what the two new writers will be featuring on the site.

Running Time:01:15:04
Music: Peter Gabriel – Shock The Monkey

Simon Daoudi


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