Published on September 28th, 2012

I don’t always drink beer. But when I do, it’s served in a Toon Tumbler.

Actually, I don’t drink beer at all. But Toon Tumblers are AWESOME. In the dim and misty past of nerd- dom (the 1970s), 7-11 carried Slurpie Cups featuring all of your favorite DC and Marvel superheroes. And I do mean ALL. Seemingly no character was too obscure for these things. Thundra? Check. Mon-El? Check.

This was also during the original runs of the Star Wars films, and Burger King was carrying collectible glasses featuring those characters. Oh, many a tasty glass of milk did my younger self enjoy, gleefully consumed from his R2-D2 and C3-PO cup. Somehow everything just…tasted better.

So you can understand the appeal to me of PopFun Merchandising’s line of Toon Tumblers. This heavy- duty barware features some of your favorite characters from DC, Marvel, Hanna Barbera, Looney Tunes, and even characters like the Masters of the Universe. When we got married my wife and I agreed that she could pick out any dishes she wanted, but there was no need to register for glassware. We were ONLY going to drink out of Toon Tumblers.

Retailing for $10.99 each, these are EXTREMELY high-quality pieces of glassware. They are dishwasher- safe (although I hand-wash mine to maintain the colors and the images).

You should be able to find Toon Tumblers at most comic and collectible stores, at conventions, and online. The website (toontumblers.com) has a Retailer Location list, although I know for a stone fact that it is in no way indicative of all the places where these wonderful glasses are sold. I will warn you to make sure that what you purchase is actually made by PopFun. I’ve seen some imitations out there that are nowhere near the quality of the actual, licensed Toon Tumblers.

And while you’re enjoying your frosty beverages of choice in your fancy decorative superhero barware, you may find yourself needing to crack open a bottle or two. Thank goodness the Silver Surfer bottle opener exists! Measuring about 6 inches long, this is both an awesome collectible and a fully-functional bottle opener, and comes in a decorative package. I’ve found them available from entertainmentearth.com and through several other websites and specialty retail locations. 

Remember, kids: Galactus says, “Drink responsibly.” (And if you invite Iron Man to the party, only serve him soda-pop.)

Travis M. Holyfield

Editor’s Note,
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