Comic Elements: September 7th 2012

Published on September 7th, 2012

Hola amigos and amigas!

My name is GABO and you might recognize me as the portly mexican fellow who sometimes shows up on podcasts or videos here on COMIC IMPACT.  Perhaps you’ve seen my GABO CAM video

So check this out — Sheldon and Simon have blackmailed me and are forcing me to draw cute little watercolor trading cards featuring all sorts of superheroes, video game icons, and fantasy characters (xxx included? prolly not), saying some funny, insightful and sometimes down right spiteful stuff to one another.

Every Friday I will be uploading one of these watercolor trading cards, with a quick little explanation or story to go with it. And best of all, you the glorious readers will have the opportunity to buy them, because we all know how much you love to support our bad habits! <3

Each month we will have a raffle to whoever has the best comment on any of the month’s cards! The winner will get a choice of his/her/its card (if it hasnt yet been bought) or they will be allowed to request one if they don’t see something they like!

Now, I only ask two things from you lovely readers:

  • 1) Send me some character suggestions!! My brain is small, and its approaching maximum capacity! I made the mistake of watching the entire Dr. Who catalog in one sitting!
  • 2) If you like what you see, and want to get a special card made for yourself or a loved one (or someone you hate muwahah) email me! I love making these! And I love feeding my pug

That’s it for now amigos and amigas, now go on and get back to reading some awesome articles and listening to these podcasts while you do your daily chores!



ps- Are you reading ELEPHANTMEN? You should be! I have a mini comic in the back every month called CHARLEY LOVES ROBOTS. GET IT!