POW:July 11th 2012 The Walking Dead #100

Published on July 18th, 2012

Hey, hey! It is that time of the week again, so grab your headphones and your iPod and crank us up in your ears because we are going to take you on a sonic trip through the world of comics in our Pick of The Week!

This week it was Sheldon’s pleasure to give you his pick and what did you pick? Well, for the Week of July 11th 2012 he choose The Walking Dead #100 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard! Image brought the pain with this book!Unfortunately we didn’t get a reaction out of Rob as he is still on Holiday BUT Simon and Sheldon fill us in on a ton of book including…Harbinger #2, Bloodshot #1, Secret Agent Poyo #1, Batman #11, Batman and Robin #11, Dark Avengers #177, Captain America #14,New Avengers #28,Uncanny X-Force #27,Spider – Men #3, and Ultimate Comics X-Men #14! Whew! Big week with LOTS of comic news!

Plus Hear Sheldon’s theory on where Marvel now! is going and how it will take a team from the past to IMPACT the future! So keep it right here and oh if you want to know more about the different writers and artist we interview check out the site all week long as we continue to cover SDCC 2012!

Running Time:01:04:23
Music:Little Richard –  Lucille

Sheldon Lee



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