Did You Catch All That? – July 2012

Published on July 31st, 2012


July is the most intense month for any comic fan.That’s mainly because of San Diego Comic Con. This makes it double busy for us as we try to  run a website, edit videos and do interviews. So for this Did You Catch All That we decided to give you our very best interviews from San Diego this year. So sit back and get ready for an action packed, interview filled episode of Did You Catch All That?

Join us as Simon talks to Erik Larsen about the future of Savage Dragon,Sheldon talks to DC collectibles and he finds out how tall Darkseid really is.Sheldon also talks to Scott Snyder about the future storylines in both Batman and Swamp Thing, Simon talk to Amanda Connor and Len Wein about Before Watchmen and we ask Len Wein what it is like coming back to Watchmen after so many years.

Sheldon talks to Nicola Scott about the redesign of some of your favorite characters in the DC Universe in Earth 2. Simon talks to JOCK about Dreed 3D. We find out more about where Ultimate Spiderman’s going along with Steve Rogers coming back to the Ultimate Universe……

You know what just sit back and enjoy Did you Catch All That? for July and we will see you next month with a brand new episode!

Simon Daoudi