Variants Covers: Ryan Ottley’s The Walking Dead #100

Published on June 4th, 2012

One of the best comic book artist around is Ryan Ottley. Now we get our first look at his  bloody variant cover for The Walking Dead #100.

Ottley told the press “When Robert asked me to draw a cover for The Walking Dead, he said the magic words: ‘draw whatever you want.’ So I was totally excited to do something ‘action-y’ with Michonne and her sword.She’s always been my favorite character in the book, and soon to be in the TV show as well. And it’s always fun drawing zombie gore, especially with swords!”


Other artists who will provide variants include Todd McFarlane, Sean Phillips, Bryan Hitch and Charlie Adlard. Frank Quitely and Marc Silvestri.  The Walking Dead #100  on sale on July 11th 2012.

Simon Daoudi