Did You Catch All That? – June 2012

Published on June 27th, 2012


It’s the last week in June so what are you doing? I know I bet you’re packing for San Diego for Comic Con right? Well take some time off and relax and watch this all-new episode of “Did You Catch All That?” In this episode Sheldon  and Simon explore the top five selling comics of the previous month. We also check out some 2012 San Diego Comic Con exclusives you don’t want to miss out on plus find out what two comics both of the boys loved for the month of June! I will give you a hint, one is going to be an instant classic and the other is based on a classic.

That’s not all! Wanna know some of the latest rumors for new creative teams that MIGHT be coming to Marvel? Look no further. All this and Simon tell us about Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising and Sheldon explains why Iron Fist is one of his favorite characters in comics and that is just the start of the show. Whew! This is a busy month full of unfortunate comic TV shows getting cancelled and hey we even have a copy of Grant Morrison’s book Supergods to give away! so keep watching to find out how you can win it! And don’t forget to ask every month we will be asking you Did You Catch All That?!

00:00:10 -Introduction

00:00:33 – Top 5 selling Comics for May 2012

00:01:56 -On Shelves Now

  • San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusives

00:03:05 -Pros and Cons

  • San Diego Comic Con 2012 News.
  • Marvel creative team rumors.
  • Grant Morrison and  Queen Elizabeth II
  • Walking Dead #100
  • Jim Lee back on wildcats?
  • Thanos  reprints.
  • DC Comics cancelled titles
  • Scott Lobdell joins Superman
  • Bazril boycotts Earth 2 Green Lantern

00:09:53 -Sheldon has Issues

  • Earth 2 #2 by James Robinson and Nicola Scott
  • Winter Soldier #6 by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark

00:11:23 -Simon has Issues

  • Spider-Men by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli
  • Before Watchmen: Comedian #1 of 6 #98 by Brian Azzarello and J.G. Jones

00.12.24 – EVENTS

  • Avengers vs X-men
  • Before Watchmen
  • Batman Night of the owls

00.12.24 – A word from our sponsor

  • Collector’s Paradise Pasadena

00:17:56 – The Indie Corner

  • Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising

00:19:01 – Comics on Film

  • Avengers earth’s mightiest heroes is NO MORE
  • Ultimate Spider-Man is back for season 2
  • Batman 1960’s Tv Show on DVD.
  • Iron Man 3 News
  • Thor 2 News

00:22:46 – The Break Down

  • Batwoman #10 – cover by J.H. Willams III

00:23:58 – One on One

  • Sheldon talks about Iron First

00:25:40 – The Rundown

  • Sheldon talks about Amanda Conner

00:26:46 – End

Simon Daoudi