POW:May 9th 2012 Batman and Robin #9

Published on May 16th, 2012

Show Notes!! You don’t need no stinking show notes!Ok, maybe you do. So here we go for the week of May 9th 2012, Simon and Sheldon bring you the PIck of The Week which is….wait for it……. Batman and Robin #9 by DC Comics!! It is some brutal stuff and is certainly not

for the faint of heart. We also talk about Sam Humphries new book from Boom! Higher Earth…which for some reason Sheldon keeps singing to the tune of Steve Winwood’s Higher Love. We also talk about Scarlet

Spider, Batman, Captain America, Green Lantern, The Ultimates AND Grifter! Whew! Now those are some Comics!Who loves ya Comic Impact?! The Answer? We do!! So stick around for this sports talk filled Episode 266 of the Pick Of The Week!

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Running Time:00:44:52
Music: Cee Lo Green- Fight to Win

Sheldon Lee



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