POW:May 16th 2012:Fantastic Four #605.1

Published on May 23rd, 2012

Show notes! You don’t need no stinking show notes! Seriously, you don’t need them. By this point you should know what we do on the podcast! If you don’t then on behalf of everyone in the Comic Impact family I welcome you. Please let us hold your hand and guide you into our little world by introducing you to this week’s Pick Of The Week which was one of Marvel’s ‘.1’ issues. It seems we’re all about starting points this week, so why not listen to Sheldon, Simon and Rob as they discuss Fantastic Four #605.1 which was Rob’s pick.

Then listen on as we discuss why some of us like Justice Jeague #9 and why some of us don’t. There is a sexy debate about The Hulk in and out of his role in the recent Avengers movie and his comics.

Get the wrap up of the weeks comic book reviews on this podcast!

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Running Time:00:59:19
Music: Pink Floyd – Another Brick İn The Wall

Rob Andrews:


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