The Impact: April 14th -21st 2012

Published on April 21st, 2012

Hey Guys, how is your week going??? I hope it’s well. This was a great week in comics, I picked up upwards of 18 books this week and they were all good which that is a very rare occasion that I can say that. C2E2 has come and gone and there were no crazy huge announcements, the biggest came days earlier when Marvel properly revealed Spider-Men. But enough teasing lets get things started with the latest installment of The Impact.

C2E2 Quick Hits.

0410-c2e2Dark Horse Comics Announced not one but two new Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off series. Spike by Victor Gishler with art by Paul Lee featuring covers by Jenny Frison and Willow by Jeff Parker and Brian Ching. We also learned that the previously announced Drusilla series by Juliet Landau was delayed “indefinitely”  When asked for an explanation they gave the following.

“The previously announced ‘Drusilla’ mini series has been delayed due to unavoidable scheduling issues. We will have an update on the series status in the near future. Dark Horse will be canceling all existing orders but will resolicit the series at the appropriate time. We do apologize, but can promise both fans and retailers that there will be more news on new mini-series featuring some of the other beloved characters from the Buffy and Angelverse soon.”

Marvel revealed that Jamie McKelvie will be joining Matt Fraction on Defenders starting in July…Just when I thought I was able to quit that book they drag me back. Also it was confirmed that Fraction and David Aja would be reuniting on a Hawkeye series. Check out the amazing cover designs by Aja. While I’m not necessarily jonesing for a new Hawkeye series, I’m interested to see what Fraction wants to say with the character of Clint Barton/Hawkeye.



Scarlet Spider artist Ryan Stegman is moving to Fantastic Four starting with issue #609. Replacing Stegman on Scarlet Spider is Khoi Pham. I’m sad to see Stegman leave Scarlet Spider I really think he was a great fit for the series which is much better than I thought it would be. I’m a huge Scarlet Spider fan and have been pleasantly surprised with the book.

Diamond  Select gave us our best view of Loki’s Army to date when they unveiled the 7 inch Marvel Select figure of the Chitauri foot soldier.


DC Nation Releases Teaser to Beware the Batman.

Check out the teaser for the new DC Nation Animated series Beware the Batman debuting sometime in 2013. While this is very much a teaser we I am cautiously optimistic, I thought the Green Lantern Animated Series did not look that great and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite animated series on the air.

Two New Posters for The Amazing Spider-Man.

YAHOO! gave us the two latest posters for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man. I don’t know… I have a feeling this movie will surprise a lot of people, at least I hope it does.


Well there you go guys after two big weeks of announcements we are slowing just a bit. Hope you all have a great weekend. Take care remember the impact will now be on Saturdays.

Matt Todd