Reviews: April 18th 2012

Published on April 24th, 2012

Here at Comic Impact, each of our weird and wonderful writers bring you two reviews each of comics ranging from the challenging to the essential! We keep it bite-size for you as well so you can browse whilst you prepare for the day ahead. So get the run down of what stood out to each of us here on the site this week.

Sheldon Lee:

The Shadow #1 – Garth Ennis, Aaron Campbell

Aside from The Shadow film I have little to no knowledge of the pulp hero but I though meh lets give it a shot, and boy am I glad I did! This sorted tale brought to the comic page by writer Garth Ennis and artist Aaron Campbell continues in the seedy tales of this shades of grey, street hero, of the 30’s! If you liked The Rocketeer Adventures and Marvel Comics The Marvel Projects then this is right up your alley. I myself am already pretty interested to see where the first story is going to go and also to find out the limitations of The Shadows powers.


Uncanny X-Force #24 – Rick Remender, Phil Noto

Uncanny X-Force’s art has been a bit hit or miss since artist Jerome Opena left the book but this issue does some GREAT fill in work by equally as talented Phil Noto! If you don’t believe me check out his tumblr page! Not only do you get a nice neat little ending with Captain Britain but you get a kick ass story told by Remender involving Age of X Iceman and Nightcrawler! Let me tell you this friendship ends badly. All this and more hints of things to come with a book that proves again and again how an X-Men book should be written!

Matthew Todd:

Batman and Robin #8 – Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason

In this issue Tomasi has given me the conversation between Bruce and Damian I’ve wanted to happen since we were first introduced to Batman’s son. As Tomasi and Gleason wrap up their first arc of Batman and Robin, “New 52” Edition, I was pleasantly surprised to see them NOT find a way to cheat the fact that Damian killed Nobody. Pleasantly surprised sums up my feelings for the series as a whole. Tomasi’s forced Bruce into a very difficult position. With Damian having broken the one sacred rule it’s forcing Bruce to go through emotional growth as he continues to learn to be a father. And while I don’t see Bruce letting it happen again or letting himself get that close to the line I’m happy to see him not exile Damian. I’m also interested to see how the rest of the Bat-Family will react when they learn of Damian’s actions.


Wolverine and the X-Men #9 – Jason Aaron, Chris Bachalo

With this latest issue Captain America comes to call on Wolverine to ask him to join the Avengers as they confront the X-Men over what to do with Hope and the impending arrival of the Phoenix.

Avengers Vs. X-Men is an event I’m not entirely sold on since Fear Itself burned me. But seeing it through a more focused vision, like we do in this book I’m enjoying it much more than the main title. Writer Jason Aaron continues to write one of the most fun, innovative, and humorous books on the shelves today. The book is flush with fun and great ideas. The school, its students (particularly Broo of the Brood) and faculty are just a joy to read and the art by Chris Bachalo is top notch. This is book you don’t want to miss as it encapsulates all the fun and imagination that comics have to offer.

Simon Daoudi:

Batman #8 – Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Rafael Albuquerque

So it is now official that the big Night Of The Owls Batman crossover has started. Was it all that and a bag of chips though? Well folks let me tell you that I have been a fan of The Dark Knight, aka Batman, for over 30 years and what Scott Snyder and his amazing team have given us is something short of a masterpiece. In Batman #8 I was concerned for the safety of all the main characters much like in a David Fincher film. The Court Of Owls are here and it’s scary. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be in Bruce’s shoes this issue. The Court Of Owls know who Batman is and they are coming after everyone in the Batman family. I have a feeling someone major will die before this story is over. I have a feeling maybe Tim Drake.

If you’re a fan of amazing art then this is your lucky day because we get both Greg Capullo, the regular artist on the book and we also get Rafael Albuquerque from Snyder’s book ‘American Vampire’. If you’re not sure if this is the right time to be picking up Batman then stop reading this and go and buy it digitally at or at your comic shop. Buy all the previous issues and make sure all the Night Of The Owls crossover issues are on your pull list because this is the event you don’t want to miss. I’m more excited about this story than The Dark Knight Rises coming out later this year.


Avengers #25 – Brian Michael Bendis, Walter Simonson

Are you feeling a bit let down? Do you have the blues? Well so does Captain America in Avengers #25 by Brian Michael Bendis and Walter Simonson from Marvel Comics. I guess not a lot happened in this issue. Cap is a bit emo and Thor comes to help out before fighting A.I.M. The most important part of the storyline is that the Phoenix force is coming back. This is not really a surprise since we already have two issues of AvsX .

Yet what made this issue special was seeing Walter Simonson’s artwork one more time. There is an amazing splash page where Thor is coming down from Asgard to talk to Cap which made me remember why I was such a huge fan of Simonson’s artwork as a kid. Let’s hope Bendis will not be playing ‘catch up’ on the Avengers comics, and that it will be in the same timeline as AvsX. Over all, if you’re not a fan of the Phoenix force or Simonson’s artwork then there’s something wrong with you but you can skip
Avengers #25.

Rob Andrews:

Wolverine & The X-Men #9 – Jason Aaron, Chris Bachalo

I havn’t enjoyed any of Marvel’s ‘big-events’ since Secret Invasion and I was not looking forward to this set of tie-ins to AvsX of which this issue is the first. But Jason Aaron has written this series brilliantly since it started and my faith in him to make these tie-ins tolerable has payed off. Captain America pays The Jean Grey School for Gifted Mutants a vist and the X-Men are splitting into two groups; Beast to lead a specialist team into space and  deal with the approaching threat of the Pheonix force and Wolverine to handle things on Utopia with a group of Avengers. Aaron makes it fun from start to finish and I especially enjoyed the part where Wolverine describes Utopia as being ‘a compound full of heavily armed religious fanatics’ which I found particularly rib-tickling! Chris Bachalo’s artwork in this not as hectic as it usually is thank goodness and I thought the colouring was superb! Maybe because Bachalo coloured it himself, I don’t know, but I liked it. Although as soon as people start fighting I will place money on his artwork becoming less and less clear.

If the thought of this dumb big-event bores you too, then have no fear. You can still read this and enjoy it!


Prophet #24 – Brandon Graham, Farel Dalrymple

Awesome and proper science-fiction. I’ve mentioned Prophet on COMPACT before and have expressed my love for what this series has to offer which so many comics do not and really should. I felt the need to highlight it again however out of concern. This issue, much like the previous three, follows the torturous adventure of a different John Prophet finding his way to the  Star Fallen Mother and I’m beginning to wonder how many more issues of this we will see before things start to take a turn towards something bigger. It’s just a small concern and I believe the bright minds behind this intelligent comic have it all planned out.

Speaking against my own concerns however, there is evidence that this story won’t become repetetive. That is the fact that you can actually see the John Prophet from the previous story approaching Mother at the same time as the one featured in this story is. So there is obviously a bigger picture.

If not even for the Alienesque front cover, then enjoy this series for it’s imagination and focus on survival instincts. Prepare to be shocked. A must for science-fiction lovers.