POW:March 28th 2012 The New Deadwardians #1

Published on April 2nd, 2012

Woo hoo! Susan has the pick this week and she only has Sheldon to talk to about it. While it’s semi-sad (and a bit like an awkward date), those two powered through some of the best books of the week. The actual pick was The New Deadwardians #1, another new Vertigo title. Susan is really loving those! Sheldon also showed some Marvel love with Daredevil and Mighty Thor, but this was mostly the way Susan likes it – all DC, all the time. The two covered Flash, Justice League Dark, I Vampire, and Teen Titans. Enjoy the short show, because we don’t do those very often. And, remember that no matter what, hamster wheels are not the same as love. Take care, ComicImpact!

Running Time:00:36:26
Music:Gary Lewis and The Playboys – She’s Just My Style

Susan Damon


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